project indigo

an independent music label, collective & event curator from zürich, switzerland, born in 2016.

we support programs such as REDD+ (UN certified initiative - through our releases and events. REDD+ credits give landowners financial support to deter the replacement of forest land for more profitable cattle/crop use, thereby supporting the growth & protection of forests.




16.12.23 //
pi x lokd at kauz, zürich
alissa, arutani (live), matsssiii, lb honne

20.10.23 // fabus, amsterdam (ADE)
bas dobbelaer, ben kaczor, boaksi, lb honne, matsssiii, noc:turne (live), orion

06.10.23 // kauz, zürich
pango (live), boaksi, soela, matsssiii

29.09.23 // kreuzberg, berlin
collective & special guests

01.07.23 // supermarket, zürich
vera, ben kaczor, boaksi, lb honne, matsssiii, sjokomelk, pango (live)

07.06 - 14.06.23 // waking life, crato
stamp camp - an intimate creative space to spill your artistry on canvas with DIY stamps, finger and brush painting <3

03.06.23 // sender, zürich
matsssiii, lb honne & thomas wood (idealist music)

10.02.23 // schneiderei, zürich
pango (live), sjokomelk, boaksi, matsssiii b2b lb honne, matsssiii

18.11.22 // rouine, basel
ben kaczor, lb honne, boaksi, matsssiii


18.11.22 // 9294, london
lawrence, lola haro, louf (live), lb honne & boaksi b2b, matssiii

15.10.22 // schneiderei, zürich
lb honne (live), sjokomelk, matsssiii, boaksi, pango (live)

29.10.22 // sender, zürich
matsssiii, boaksi, lb honne, sauna

06.08.22 // (secret location, london) boat party
jvxta, al zanders, noc:turne (live), pango (live), boaksi, lb honne

02.07.22 // sender, zürich
matsssiii, boaksi

18.06.22 // project indigo & friends in basel, erster stock
boaksi, lb honne, matsssiii, sjokomelk, ben kaczor, pango (live)

26.02.22 // sender, zürich
matsssiii, schake99

19.02.22 // variété, zürich
boaksi, soela, lb honne, dj balaton, matsssii & sjokomelk

22.01.22 // the glove that fits, london uk
lb honne, boaksi & manual darquart


08.10.21 // sender, zürich
17.01.22 // amboss rampe, zürich


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